Turkish Team (Coordinator)

Yener YÜZÜAK is an Electronics Teacher and Occupational Safety Specialist. Graduated from Informatics and Electronics Education. He's the contact person of Turkish team. Proficiencies are digital electronics, analog circuits, office programs, translations between English and Turkish, subtitle editing and with interesting Photoshop&Corel at hobby level. Hobbies are photography and cycling.

Murat ARICAN is an Electronics Teacher and Occupational Safety Specialist. Graduated from Informatics and Electronics Education. Proficiencies are digital electronics, microcontrollers, analog circuits, Photoshop&Corel and interesting with Typography and publishing at hobby level. Hobbies are photography and cycling. 

Berat UZUN is an Electronics Teacher. Graduated from Informatics and Electronics Education. Proficiencies digital electronics, analog circuits, 3DSMax, Maya, microcontrollers. Hobbies are paragliding and cycling.

Mehmet Alper AKAY is an Electronic Teacher. Graduated from Informatics and Electronics Education. Proficiencies are digital electronics, analog circuits, microcontrollers. Hobbies are photography and cycling.

Turgay ŞAHİNOĞLU is the owner and CEO of Şahinoğlu Computer Systems Co. Ltd. His Company Serving in Bolu since 1998. 

Serkan KUĞUM is the sales manager and computer programmer in Şahinoğlu Computer Systems Co. Ltd. Graduated from Electronics and Communication. He's the contact person of Şahinoğlu Company. Proficiencies are computer hardwares and softwares, networking, wireless network setups and configurations. He's working in Computer Systems since 2004.

Slovenian Team

Bojan Kraut is a CEO at Alcyone d.o.o. He has almost two decades of experiences in application development from smalltalk, java, php, c++ to the most modern javascript frameworks and other web technologies. He was leading some big IT projects in the fields of manufacturing, banking, telecommunications, ecommerce and project management. He's the contact person of Slovenian team.

Mihael KRAUT studied electrotechnics. He gained practical experience at Doorson d.o.o., one of the largest automatic doors manufacturers in Europe. Since 2007 he works in Alcyone d.o.o. as a software developer. He participated on several projects, where he gained wide specter of experience.

Italian Team

CASTANO’ Maria Concetta

Person of contact of project
Born in Zurich (Switzerland) 20.10.1966

Teacher of English/ Responsible of school projects
University degree in Foreign Languages

Master in English Language and Master in School Management
Main Interests: reading, cooking, cinema, card games, tennis


School headmaster
Born in Placanica (Italy) 02.04.1951


Born in Catanzaro (Italy) 13.02.1972
Teacher of French/ Responsible of Department of foreign languages

University degree in Foreign Languages

Main Interests: reading, cooking, technology


Born in Sersale (Italy) 28.08.1958
Teacher of Informatics/ Responsible of informatics labs and projects
University degree in Industrial Management Engineering
ECDL informatics Examiner/ CISCO informatics Instructor/ EUCIP informatics Instructor
Main Interests: photographing , cinema, gardening

MOIO Salvatore

Born in Africo (Italy) 19.06.1971
Informatics technician/ Responsible of the technical management of the school LAN network

High school Diploma in Electronics and Computer Science
ECDL informatics certification/ CISCO informatics certification
Main Interests: web mastering

Spanish Team



Greek Team

Dimitrios Sidropoulos is a Computer Science Teacher. He was graduated from the University of Macedonia in Greece, Department of Applied Infromatics in 1998. In 2000 he received his Master in Science degree (MSc) in International Economics, Banking & Finance from the University of Wales, UK. In 2008 he completed his Phd degree in Adaptive Web Based Learning. In the past he worked as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Informatics of the University of Macedonia, Greece for several years. From 2001 he teaches at 2nd Vocational School of Katerini and he is also the administrator of the Computer Science Sector of the School. He's the contact person of Greek team.

Kyrillos TSERBAK is Headmaster of the 2nd Vocational High School of Katerini, since October 2010. He holds a PhD degree in Physics, a Master's degree in Electronics and a Master's degree in Information Systems. During his career as a teacher, he has taughtPhysics, Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics,in Secondary Vocational Schools and Vocational Training Institutes.In the period 2001-2009 he taught, as a research associate,Telecommunication Systems, Satellite Communications and Optical Communications in the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications at the Technological Intitute of Thessaly, Greece.

Tigkas Kontantinos graduated from Economic University of Athens (AUEB) - Department of Informatics. He teaches at Technical Vocational Education more than ten years in the fields of Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Databases and Multimedia. His hobbies are music, radio and sports.

Adamidis Ilias graduated, in year 2001, from the University of Ioannina (BSc Department of Informatics). Since 2003 he teaches computer science lessons in secondary vocational education schools. His main interests are Computer Networks, Operating Systems and Computer Architecture (mainly oriented to upgrading and repairing Pcs).

Romanian Team

Lucia Mariana POJAR is an Textile Teacher at "Napoca " Technical College, graduated from Textile Education at "Ghe. Asachi" University. She's the contact person and the coordinator of Romanian Team. She has a lot of experience in tailoring, has skills in english language and computer use. She worked in a lot of project teams.

Marinela MARC

Judith MORICZ is Teacher at "Napoca " Technical College for textile field.  She graduated from Textil Education at "Ghe. Asachi" University.and Business Education at "Babes- Bolyai" University. She like to develop the students creativity and dexterity.

Czech Republic Team

Dalibor NAAR is co-founder and CEO of company Gameleon, Ltd., which is focused on activities in the field of eduteinment (education + enterteinment ) - mainly on web applications and mobile applications. As a longtime trainer and "dramaturgist" of activities standing on the principles of experiential learning is in charge of game design and engagemanagement of users .He's the contact person of Czech team.

Jakub DEML is co-founder and COO of company Gameleon. Graduate university studies focused on multimedia creation. His the most part of project is the art directing.

Dalibor Shubin DUBA is Co-founder and CTO of Gameleon. He has many years of experience in developing web applications and mobile applications - his favorites are Objective-C and Node.js. He is mostly responsible for architecture design and analysis in our projects.

Olga Škochová is co-founder Gameleon, which focused on process management and oversees the usefulness of the product for the user. She studied stage design and is long-term focused on art management.


Czech Republic

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